Bluetooth - Sennheiser Presence UCShop Bluetooth headsets here at HeadSets 4 U. Most people are aware of Bluetooth® and its primary functionality, but, there are many more uses for Bluetooth® than just a wireless phone. Bluetooth® functionality now includes computer technology including your mouse on a MAC computer and also wireless speakers for your phone or tablet; just to name a few. Bluetooth® provides hands-free connectivity in cars to wireless speakers and headphones that stream music. Bluetooth® was created in 1994 and was originally founded as a wireless alternative to data cables by simply exchanging data using radio transmissions.

Billions of devices around the world now use Bluetooth® technology every day and here at HeadSets 4 U, we carry quality Bluetooth® products from multiple brands at affordable pricing. Shop Bluetooth products today and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.

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