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The Making of an Effective Call Center  ..

The mantra of most Call Centers today is to ‘engage’ the customer to impart a feeling of trustworthiness, emphasize company transparency and show empathy while interacting with the customer/client/caller.

 ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is definitely an art, which can invariably generate high customer retention and increase company sales and/or service. First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Order Value and Decreasing Cost per Contact are achieved by balancing operational expertise with program insights.

While many of the operational practices are uniquely customized and delivered to every client to enable the desired culture of customer service, the most often over-looked piece of the equation and work tool for the agent is the headset.

I can’t think of anything more infuriating or anxiety causing than trying to converse with the Call Center Agent while straining to hear what’s being said. Sure, the agent may be using a headset, however the transmit and receive volumes quite often are too low, making the conversation inaudible and difficult for both sides of the call. Equally frustrating for the caller is to hear the ambient noise or the din of the other agents while trying to interact and concentrate on the agent’s conversation.

This type of call is not only anxiety causing but time consuming for both sides of the call and most certainly not to be considered productive – remember time is money. To empower a healthy focused relationship for both customer and agent while on the call, audio must be clear, precise and without background noise. With the right mix you have a happy customer, their query is solved and the call is completed in a timely manner

One of the key drivers to a successful Call Center business model includes a professional headset. Be assured, Headsets4U.com researches the ‘tools’ on this site – we select quality headsets and choose only the ones we feel most likely to succeed even in the most fast paced 24/7 call center environment – The absolute criteria is value, must be reliable, 24/7 comfort, sturdy, perfect precise wide-band audio and high noise cancellation with professional unified communications abilities. UC headsets deliver wideband audio for flawless communication while using telephone, pc and cell phone. If you haven’t yet switched over to unified communications – not to worry, by choosing to use UC headsets now, you have the advantage to make the switch to unified communications whenever you’re ready.

A good headset allows the agent the tools to create a ‘Quality Customer Experience’ for the caller. It’s a win win, because you had the forethought to seek out the right technology for your agents and good customer service is the value that comes with it.

  • A quality headset allows you and your caller to hear the conversation the first time and every time. With the right headset you experience the convenience and complete freedom to multi-task while taking calls. The right tools make the day easier and helps your business to flourish. Work smart, you wouldn’t hang wall paper with one arm tied behind your back would you?


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