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What helps you to work more comfortably and efficiently .. If you guessed VXi Professional headsets you would be right and yes, the right headset makes a huge difference to both caller and agent.

Most Call Center Managers realize a quality headset can mean a much happier and more productive agent along with fewer overall problems. VXi UC ProSet and CC Pro headsets are UC adaptable and compatible offering wide band precise audio and a well-made stress free fit. Yes, comfortable enough to wear all day with the ease of knowing you and your caller will hear the conversation the first time and every time.

The VXi noise canceling microphone (highest noise cancellation in the industry) blocks out the distracting ambient noise of the surrounding agents, delivering a more professional, relaxed and pleasant sounding call. Here`s the bonus, the agent is able to interact and focus on their caller 100%, taking less time per call and we know time is money.

So, if you`re tired of looking at that ever growing pile of broken headsets, why not break the cycle and make the switch … VXi professional headsets are built to be sturdy, using the same impact resistant plastic used in sports equipment, able to easily withstand the turbulence of 24/7 operations. VXi headsets measure up perfectly to the intense requirements of the professional contact center; breakage has proven rare. Less down time and less time and money spent on headset issues and repairs. The bottom line, always looks better in black.

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